Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 Types Of Innovation Practices @ Companies

Innovation Motivation
Academic Term
Companies / Organizations
Change The World
Disruptive Innovation
Google, SpaceX, Gates Foundation, Tesla, Virgin Group, Grameen Group, Khan Academy,,

Sustain The Current Business
Sustaining Innovation
Belkin, Nest, Samsung, HTC, LG. PEPSI

Incremental Business Growth
Incremental Innovation
Apple, GE, AirBnB, Nike, Procter & Gamble, eBay, VMware
3 - 4

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

9 Tips To Enable Innovation.....Change the physical environment.

9 Things You Can Do To Create a Climate of Innovation At Companies

1.      Design spaces where people can get away from their desks. This may involve the creation of ‘focus areas” where employees can concentrate on their work

2.     Make sure the idea evaluation group panel is gender balanced: 50 women / 50 men

3.     Create opportunities for employees to run ideas past others with same interests (not sure about this one… you need opinion diversity)

4.     Create opportunities for idea people to actually get vicarious experience in their idea space (for better than research). Use Design Thinking techniques to see, hear, and observe their idea space. Utilize the experience of your team to create something new.

5.     Safe spaces should be considered whereby controversial or divergent ideas can be researched.

6.     Utilize outsiders who have no agenda to push to offer fresh perspective

7.     Avoid “group think” by working individually or in very diverse teams

8.    Innovation happens when there is least pressure on the group or individual. Avoid targets or goal setting in order that it may occur naturally

9.     Utilize skills and know-how of external stakeholders, customers and suppliers. They will want your business to thrive and may have insights not already seen
Have you considered the link between employee engagement and innovation?

Do you think if your teams were more closely aligned to your organizations vision and values that they could be more innovative?