Sunday, October 29, 2017

Three (3) tips to make meetings enjoyable and productive?

Two things that drain any company's passion/energy are:

1. Useless & emotionally boring meetings (we spend 40-70% time in such daily meetings)

2. Insane use of text filled powerpoint that puts participants to sleep within 3-minutes (indication: mobile phone browsing starts)

How to fix horrible meeting culture?

1. Anyone requesting a meeting must send Advanced Agenda & Desired Outcomes 2-3 days ahead of meeting day. This recommendation is for regular meetings & does not apply to urgent meetings.

Even more drastic: remove all chairs from the room. Any speaker must hold a 15-pound barbell weight till S/He finishes.

2. Ban use of PowerPoint. Instead, anyone who wants to discuss anything must prepare max 3-page word document with 1.5 in margins on each page for notes.

Ban laptops & mobile phones.

In the first 20-min of the meeting, all are given paper copies of the word document to read silently & write questions on the margins of the paper document.

After 20-min, meeting starts with the questions 😊

Only PowerPoint permitted are:

1. Must have full-screen beautiful pictures

2. Less than 7-words on each slide (preferred no text)

Hope this works for you.

Just try it!