Thursday, March 13, 2014

Do you want to know how global millennial are going to change the world for good?

During Hult Prize 2014 regional judging in San Francisco on March 8, 2014, i felt the passion of 11 teams from across the world in curing chronic disease for the 25,000,000 people living in the slums across the entire planet!

Hult Prize 2014 in partnership with Clinton Global Initiative crafted the challenge for various universities teams from the planet to cure (not prevent) cardiac disease, respiratory illnesses and diabetes for the poor living in slums across the 2019!

5 simultaneous regional judging panels were held in Hult International Business School campuses (San Francisco, Boston, Dubai, London and Shanghai) on Mar 8, 2014. The unique judging experience for our team (San Francisco) was an eye opener! 

We saw, felt and breathed the passion, the stories, the connection these young people brought to their ideas for poor living in slums. Teams shared how their own experiences in those slums guided them in dreaming up their ideas to solve the chronic disease for the 25 Million people.

One thing that lit my fire was: these young women & men could empathize with the poor living in slums, while they are from a different background!

The San Francisco regional winning team was from MIT (3 young women and one young man). They already have a working prototype to rapidly heal people in slums who suffer from diabetes related wounds. Instead of daily dressing, their solution would require change in dressing once every three (3) days.

While dramatically reducing the cost for the people in slums suffering from diabetes related wound infections!

Here is another write up from fellow judge Sheryl Chamberlain

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