Sunday, January 24, 2016

Analog Leadership vs. Digital Leadership From Design Thinking Concepts

A friend shared this table with me, a while ago. I think it is very useful to look at the Design Thinking driven leadership/management practice traits outlined below.

Design Thinking mindset can define & should define all roles in any company to embed continuous innovation culture. This transformation should start the with leadership traits. Few companies live and practice this as part of their DNA (Google, Facebook, AirBnB).


Analog Leadership Digital Leadership
Failure is not an option Fail often to succeed sooner
Consolidate influence Distribute influence
Hierarchy and previous experience helps to decide who is the right person matters Ideas matter (past experience is irrelevant) leadership can provide support
Communicate from one to a few, no matter where in the organization you are. Communication flows down the hierarchy Communicate in real time many to many
Leadership is a role Leadership is a commitment
All or nothing – one big bet Prototype frequently – many small bets
Ideas from respected experts Ideas from as many sources as possible; naïve expertise & novice ideas are welcome
Teach Learn by doing and then teach others about your hacks
Marathon Sprint
Benchmark our industry peers Benchmark against your dreams, not your industry peers. Create something that is impossible for others to recreate!
Value Chain Value Ecosystem
Arms-length value-chain involvement We are as capable as our value chain!
Delegator Connector
Talent-hoarder Talent promoter and talent builder
Organizer Star-maker, mentor, explorer
I-shaped people who are domain experts with deep expertise, but little curiosity T-shaped people with respected expertise, but with broad curiosity bandwidth
Traditional initiatives launches begin with pushing new ideas from the idea-originator into the marketplace Steve Jobs taught us that digital success starts with a fixation on the customer experience
We rely on our competencies Boundary-less (www of talent; whoever is right, whatever is needed to woo them to work because you love your craft)
Slow Blinding speed. Scaling up is important. Design & user experience is used to gain competitive advantage
Study It Try it: create working prototype
Incremental dreams - forecast Exponential dreams -- backcast
All or nothing – one big bet Prototype frequently – many small bets
Individuals Teams that are diverse, multi-disciplinary and has experts. The leader is the glue. The integrator
Innovation focuses products (offerings) Innovation focuses on business models and creating new habits with customers
Innovation is a noun (some dept. does it); brand is a clever slogan Innovation is a Verb (everyone an innovator); brand is a verb and authentic
Secrets Transparent
Hit-makers Long-tail promoters
Switched-on episodically Switched-on all the time
Episodic innovation Continuous innovation
Incremental innovation VS. radical innovation Incremental + Radical innovation

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