Friday, January 22, 2016

Design Thinking Insights Applied to Remittances Company

Checkout These folks have found the real need of immigrants who send money to their loved ones to home countries.

A while ago at PayPal, using design thinking uncovered that immigrants from Mexico only cared about the exchange rate minute-by-minute because the net amount transfer was the most important thing for them and their loved ones.

Banks and other online remitters make money by setting their self-determined excessive exchange rates and predatory fees & this is how they milk the immigrants.

Why get ripped off by banks when you need to send money overseas?

Here is a company that guarantees upfront the exchange rate at the time of you sending money.

Their user interface is awesome and makes it very easy to understand what is going on with the intended transfer.

Customer support is proactive, responsive, and timely.

Oh! One more thing, founders also created Skype.

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